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21212, selected for Start-up Brasil program.

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Apply for 21212 through the Start-up Brasil Program

This is the ideal opportunity to take your startup to the next level

If accepted to both programs, the Brazilian Federal Government and 21212 will invest R$200K and R$50K respectively. 21212 will also provide services worth approximately R$250K through partnerships made with over 25 powerful companies to help you develop your start-up. Working with 21212 aligns you with a 20 person team composed of business, product, finance and technology professionals as well as 21212’s partners.
The applications are due by November 19!


It’s fast and simple!
There’s no bureaucracy

From the pool of accepted applicants to Startup Brazil, 21212 looks for digital startups with a specific profile: a highly qualified team, a launched product, a healthy user base and revenue.

If your startup fits these criteria, the chances of succeeding are high! If you are only missing one of 21212’s criteria, you are still eligible for our acceleration process and we encourage you to apply. After all, a key part of our job is to help great start-ups improve weaknesses so they can thrive.

There are two critical but simple forms you must fill-out in order to be considered for 21212’s acceleration program. You must fill out your company application at the 21212 website, after which you will be directed to the Governo Federal’s Form which needs to be filled out as well.

What is the
Start-up Brasil Program?

Start-up Brasil is focused on young, domestic companies, that have been incorporated via the CNPJ for less than three years. International companies can also apply, and will have a deadline by which they will to incorporate in Brasil.

After applying, there will be a due diligence process, and, in January, the selected companies will be announced. Shortly thereafter, the acceleration program will begin.


How does the Start-up
Brasil Program work?

The Start-up Brasil Program is aimed towards national or international businesses that have been registered with CNPJ and have no more than three years in business.

There will be two selection processes in 2013 for startups, one in April and the other in the second semester.

The startups that are selected for the program with 21212 will receive up to R$200K from the federal government along with another R$50K from 21212 and around R$250 for services and subsidies directly to accelerate businesses.


What is 21212?

21212 is a digital business accelerator based in Rio de Janeiro (21) and New York (212).

The Acceleration Programs with 21212 are focused on digital business development with the potential of international expansion and scaling of over R$100 million.

The startups receive financial support, services and partner training, along with work space in the 21212 offices. There is direct support from our team of over 25 people and our extensive network of mentors, both national and international, who work in areas specific to product and software development, design, new user acquisition, and securing investments.

The startups still have the opportunity to participate in our 21212 events in Brazil and the US, connecting them with both investor markets.


What have we already done?

24 months
in operation

of shared
for startups







14 countries

participating including Brazil, India, Portugal and Colombia.



New jobs
created by the startups


with international

R$ 25 million
invested in the startups

foreign students from universities including Harvard, Yale, Duke, Columbia and Stanford have worked at 21212

17 partner companies who offer products and services
for startups

12 of which are international

connections with
national and international funds

connections with investors
in our network

videos produced about

total views
on Vimeo and Youtube

events participating as
a mentor, judge or panelist

cities in Brazil, Argentina,
Colombia and the US



1800 participants

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